Final Fantasy 14 is fine with erotic role-playing—just do it in private, please

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Square Enix just updated its guideline for prohibited actions in Final Fantasy 14, offering more clarity on situations like in-game stalking and erotic role-playing.

Spend enough time in the game and you'll undoubtedly come across some… questionable use of emotes between players—particularly in some of the more popular hubs like Limsa Lominsa. Square Enix seem pretty aware of how some emotes can be utilised, calling out things like “using a combination of emotes and motions to mimic grinding against another character” and “using movements that are evocative of sexual activities” as actions that aren't allowed (thanks, PCGamesN).

But ERP is one of the few certainties with MMOs, with guidelines further clarifying that you can get your virtual rocks off as long as you're doing it in private and all parties involved are consenting. Encouraging or pressuring other players to participate won't fly, though. 

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Additional guidelines for in-game stalking have also been added, as spotted on Reddit. Things like repeatedly teleporting to a player's location despite being asked to stop, constantly messaging or sending friend requests or using the game to get in touch with someone you're forbidden from contacting in real life are all listed as things that can get you banned.

You may even be allowed to file an in-game restraining order if you're being harassed or stalked, leading to further penalties for the perpetrator if they continue to be an issue.

While some may never encounter any problems with other players in the game, it's surprising how quickly Final Fantasy 14 can stop being a safe space for many. The friends list is problematic at times—deleting someone off your friends list won't remove you from theirs, meaning they can still peep your location and what you're up to at all times. Marrying a player grants you a ring that can be used to teleport to them at any time, but divorcing or blacklisting them doesn't disable the ring's teleport ability. 

It's seemingly small things like this that can quickly snowball and be taken advantage of by crappy players. Couple that with an increase in players between the WoW exodus and the upcoming Endwalker release, having Square Enix take a clearer stand on what is and isn't acceptable is a minor comfort. 

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