Halo Infinite is inviting everyone, Insider or not, to this weekend’s technical test A Halo spartan with her arms folded

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Last week, Halo Infinite kicked off the first of two back-to-back technical test weekends, inviting everyone registered as a Halo Insider to give the game a shot. But evidently, 343 needs even more players for this weekend's run, with the developer now opening the floodgates—with a catch.

Given the upcoming Halo Infinite test is introducing us to 12v12 Big Team Battles, 343 is removing the trial's Insider requirement. On Xbox, this means flatly enabling everyone access to the technical test. But on PC, the process isn't quite so simple.

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For now, PC players who were a part of last week's flight should have been emailed a friend code allowing a non-Insider buddy access to Halo Infinite. It's admittedly a bit clunky, and likely a bummer for anyone looking to jump in who doesn't have a friendly Insider to hand them a code. 

On Reddit, community manager John Junyszek explained that the Xbox flight was simply “ready earlier”, though community director Brian Jarrard notes that the team may still be looking at ways to get everyone in.

“Note for Steam players – stand by, we are also working on a way to hopefully get more of you in as well,” Jarrard tweeted on Monday. “More details when we have 'em.”

I'd recommend keeping an eye open over the coming days in case 343 does figure out a way to get even more PC players into Infinite. Because while Infinite may be coming in dangerously hot, the test runs have been an absolute blast, a version of Halo that harkens back to the Bungie classics while also secretly becoming Titanfall 3. Last week's test introduced vehicles on the final day, and you can pull some absolutely wild stunts grappling those bad boys. Case in point:

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Phenomenal stuff. 

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