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E3 2021—or at least the start of this summer's big gaming events—has arrived. There's no convention in Los Angeles this year, but E3 is alive in spirit, with nearly a full week of livestreams starting with the reveal of Battlefield 2042 on June 9 and running through press conferences from Nintendo and Bandai Namco on Tuesday, June 15.

The "official" E3 broadcasts start on June 12, but there's a whole lot going on in and around the major press conferences. Here's a schedule of every event happening for E3 2021, organized by day and timezone. 

When is E3 2021? 

All summer! Well, okay, not really: E3 has some official dates again, with livestreams running from June 12 – June 15, 2021. But just like last year, publishers have decided to host their own events whenever they see fit.  The first big E3 stream this year was Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live on June 10th, and it's a busy few days after that.

Below we've listed every summer gaming event being held in June (and a few announced for next month, too).

The easiest place to watch

How do I just watch every E3 event on one stream?

(Image credit: ESA)

If you're confused by the difference between "official" E3 events and other gaming livestreams happening this June, you're definitely not alone. It's confusing for us, too. But all that really matters is knowing where you can stream everything without missing out on any of the events.

From June 12 – June 15, you'll be able to watch every gaming event on the official E3 streams:

E3's livestream will include hosting big events like Ubisoft's and Microsoft's as well as interviews with game developers in between.

If you leave the E3 channel running for four days straight you shouldn't miss a moment—except for the first few events listed below, which start before E3 proper. It had to be a little complicated, right?

E3 2021: All the major events at a glance

E3 Gaming event Date (PDT) Start time (PDT) Start time (BST) Start time (AEST)
Summer Game Fest Thurs, June 10 11 am 7 pm 4 am (June 11)
IGN Fri, June 11 1 pm 9 pm 6 am (June 12)
Guerilla Collective Sat, June 12 8 am 4 pm 1 am (June 13)
Ubisoft Sat, June 12 12 pm 8 pm 5 am (June 13)
Devolver Sat, June 12 1:30 pm 9:30 pm 6:30 am (June 13)
Gearbox Sat, June 12 2 pm 10 pm 7 am (June 13)
Xbox + Bethesda Sun, June 13 10 am 6 pm 3 am (June 14)
Square Enix Sun, June 13 12:15 pm 8:15 pm 5:15 am (June 14)
Back 4 Blood Sun, June 13 2 pm 10 pm 7 am (June 14)
PC Gaming Show Sun, June 13 2:30 pm 10:30 pm 7:30 am (June 14)
Future Games Show Sun, June 13 4 pm 12:00 am (June 14) 9 am (June 14)
Take-Two Mon, June 14 10:15 am 6:15 pm 3:15 am (June 15)
Capcom Mon, June 14 2:30 pm 10:30 pm 7:30 am (June 15)
Razer Mon, June 14 3 pm 11 pm 8 am (June 15)
Nintendo Tues, June 15 9 am 5 pm 2 am (June 16)
Bandai Namco Tues, June 15 2:25 pm 10:25 pm 7:25 am (June 16)

E3 schedule: Wednesday June 9

Battlefield reveal ✔

Start time: 7 am PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: YouTube

EA Play Live isn't until July, but EA decided not to wait to show off what's coming next with Battlefield. A reveal event for the new game landed on Wednesday, before E3 even gets going full steam.

Read about the new Battlefield here

E3 schedule: Thursday June 10

Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live ✔

Start time: 11 am PT (click here for your timezone)

Geoff Keighley hosted the start of his Summer Game Fest just before the official E3 events. He promised "more than a dozen world premieres and announcements" and it was indeed a busy show.

But the one thing everyone tuned in for came at the very end: Elden Ring has finally been revealed.

E3 schedule: Friday June 11

Netflix Geeked Week

Start time: 9 am PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch

Netflix is highlighting "geeky" shows all week, but Friday's event, hosted by Geoff Keighley, is devoted to shows based on games. Expect The Witcher Season 2 to get a new trailer, and for the Resident Evil CG series to appear as well.

Koch Primetime

Start time: 12 pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch

Koch Media (the big company behind publisher Deep Silver and games like Metro and Saint's Row) is holding its own streaming event as part of Summer Game Fest.

IGN Expo

Start time: 1 pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch, YouTube

Like last year, IGN is running its own event this year in addition to covering the rest of the summer's gaming reveals. The IGN Expo promises game reveals and exclusive announcements as well as some kind of partnership with Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest, so expect some debuts from Thursday night to reappear at this show.

E3 Schedule: Saturday June 12

The Guerilla Collective

Start time: 8 am PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch

Indie games galore! As part of its event, The Guerrilla Collective will also hosting streams for Black Voices in Gaming and Wholesome Direct.

Ubisoft Forward

Start time: 12 pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch

Expect to see more Far Cry 6 at Ubisoft's show this year. What else is likely? Rabbids, lots of Just Dancing, and maybe a new Assassin's Creed.

Devolver Direct

Start time: 1:30 pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: YouTube, Twitch

Expect to see Phantom Abyss, which is asynchronous multiplayer Indiana Jones, and definitely not Hotline Miami 3, which does not exist.

Gearbox Entertainment

Start time: 2 pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch

The Borderlands studio is bound to talk Borderlands, whether its new events or DLC for Borderlands 3 or possibly a trailer for the Borderlands movie. We may also see announcements for any new games Gearbox is publishing.

Upload VR Showcase

Start time: 3 pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: YouTube

Upload VR is running a stream of game reveals and new trailers for all things virtual reality, including PC headsets like the Vive, Oculus games, and PlayStation VR.

E3 Schedule: Sunday June 13

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

Start time: 10 am PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch, YouTube

This should be a big show this year, with Microsoft bringing series like Halo and Forza to E3 along with Bethesda's debut of Starfield. Will we see more of Obsidian's Avowed and get a Psychonauts 2 release date? Entirely possible!

Square Enix Presents

Start time: 12:15pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch, YouTube

So far, Square Enix says it will be debuting a new game from Eidos-Montréal. They'll also be talking about Marvel's Avengers, Babylon's Fall, and Life Is Strange: True Colors.

Warner Bros Games Back 4 Blood

Start Time: 2 pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch

According to the ESA, Warner Bros games will be featured on Sunday, meaning possibly some Gotham Knights talk. Back 4 Blood is specifically mentioned as well, which WB is publishing.

PC Gaming Show

Start time: 2:30 pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch, YouTube

The PC Gaming Show returns! Expect lots of games for the Sony PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch… just kidding. It's going to be full of cool new PC games, of course.

Read more about our show here.

Future Games Show

Start time: 4 pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch, YouTube

Our sister show from GamesRadar+ will back us up with more game reveals. Read all about it here.

E3 Schedule: Monday June 14

Take-Two Interactive

Start time: 10:15 am PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch, YouTube

T2 can always be expected to talk about their upcoming sports games. Rockstar is their other huge name, who will likely be talking about future Red Dead Redemption 2 Online and GTA Online updates. We can always hope for official mention of GTA 6.

Freedom Games

Start time: 12:30pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: TwitchYouTube

Indie game publisher Freedom Games has several upcoming games they might talk about. They've definitely mentioned unveiling a release date for their strategy RPG Dark Deity.


Start time: 2:30 pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch, YouTube

We can probably expect to hear about any of Capcom's upcoming and ongoing Monster Hunter games during their show, and perhaps talk of Resident Evil Village DLC.

Razer Keynote

Start time: 3 pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch, YouTube

Razer will be revealing some new products during their keynote event on Monday and hosting "RazerStore Live" afterwards with a closer look.

E3 Schedule: Tuesday June 15

Nintendo Direct + Treehouse Live

Start time: 9 am PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch, YouTube

This year's Nintendo Direct promises "roughly 40 minutes of info focused exclusively on Nintendo Switch software, mostly releasing in 2021." The Treehouse Live follows with three more hours of gameplay.

Bandai Namco

Start time: 2:25 pm PT (click here for your timezone)
Watch: Twitch, YouTube

Will we see Elden Ring? It could happen. More likely we'll get an additional look at Bandai Namco's upcoming Tales of Arise and Scarlet Nexus.

More summer gaming events

Most of the summer gaming events are concentrated from June 10 – June 13, but that's not all of them. Here's what else is coming throughout the summer: 

July 6 – Nacon Connect

Start time: 10am PT
Watch: Twitch, YouTube

Nacon is hosting its own showcase again this year. SO far, the publisher has confirmed it will be talking about Blood Bowl 3, Steelrising, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, and a few other upcoming games.

July 22 – EA Play Live

Start time: TBA
Watch: Twitch, YouTube

Maybe we'll hear something new about hit dodgeball game Knockout City—but we're really hoping for more on the next Dragon Age and whatever Star Wars games EA has cooking.

  • The Guerrilla Collective is streaming on Saturday, June 5th and Saturday, June 12th and also hosting Black Voices in Gaming and Wholesome Direct on those days.
  • Indie Live Expo will showcase more than 300 indie games from around the world in a five-hour show taking place on June 5.
  • Geoff Keighley won't be involved with E3, but is bringing back his Summer Game Fest starting on June 10th.
  • GDC 2021 will run the Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Choice Awards from July 19 – July 23.

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