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The Resident Evil Village release date is May 7 in Australia, and like a lot of other recent blockbuster games it won't be getting a physical release down under. That means we've got a handful of digital retailers to choose from, and that you won't be able to rock up at say, JB Hi-Fi or EB Games for a copy.

Not that it matters: compared to the console versions of the game, Resident Evil Village is a bit more affordable on PC, mostly thanks to the new-gen price hike that a lot of big budget games have seen this year. The game doesn't release until May 7, but there's already a bit of competition on the pre-order front, with Green Man Gaming offering the base game for AU$80.71—that's the cheapest we've found.

In addition to the base game there's also, inevitably, a Deluxe Edition. This gives you the Trauma Pack, which is just a bunch of in-game items. According to Steam's description, "he Trauma Pack includes memorabilia such as the 'Samurai Edge' weapon, the 'Mr. Everywhere' accessory, a screen filter, special safe room background music, and many more items to amplify your Resident Evil Village experience."

In other words, it's useless unless you're a mega fan. But we'll include the prices for it anyway.

Standard: AU$81.65 | Deluxe: AU$96.83

Green Man Gaming
Standard: AU$80.71 | Deluxe: AU$95.71

Humble Store
Standard: AU$94.95 | Deluxe: AU$112.60
Humble Choice members can save AU$9.50 / AU$11.26 on these purchases.

Standard: AU$94.95 | Deluxe: AU$112.60

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