Mods, combat and more are coming to Dyson Sphere Program’s stellar factories A planet covered in industrial factories.

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It probably says something about the global consciousness that a lot of people feel like stripping the Earth for parts to build something better. Dyson Sphere Program seems to have tapped into that urge hard, with the early-access megastructure sim quickly becoming Steam's top-selling game since launch.

Landing on Steam Early Access just under two weeks back, Dyson Sphere Program is Factorio on a galactic scale. Developer Youthcat has since announced that the game sold over 350,000 copies in its first week, topping Steam's weekly top sellers charts in its second.

Alongside that news, Youthcat outlined a short roadmap of some of the more immediate additions coming to Dyson's production line. Basic logistics for transporting goods, upgrading building by popping new versions on top of existing structures, and keybind support should all make their way into the game before February 11th.

A more detailed, long-term roadmap will be published "soon", with the developer hinting at space platforms, combat features and Steam Workshop integration. But our own Chris Livingston already reckons Dyson Sphere Program feels "extremely polished" in its current state: "If you're a fan of Factorio, Satisfactory, or other games about automation, this might scratch that same itch."

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