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Amazon Prime Day 2020 is now live in Australia, and as of the stroke of midnight, there's a bunch of PC gaming deals to be had. There's a lot, actually, especially if you're in the market for a gaming keyboard, gaming headset or gaming mouse. Or perhaps you fancy a boardgame? Or perhaps you'd prefer to just close your wallet and wisely save your dollars? 

Well, let's see which path you'll choose: below you'll find the best Australian PC gaming deals from Amazon Prime Day 2020, as well as a few vaguely related bonuses. We'll be keeping this page updated throughout the next three days, so bookmark it and make sure you check back if your bargain hunting instinct knows no bounds.

Best Amazon Prime Day 2020 PC gaming deals

Gaming laptops

Lenovo Legion Y540 15.6-inch gaming laptop (i7, RTX 2060, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) | AU$2,077 (usually AU$2,442)

While this Y540 model has a plastic chassis as opposed to its bigger sibling’s Y740’s aluminium, it’s still got plenty of grunt on account of its  i7 / RTX 2060 combo. It’s not the most powerful thing on the market, but it’ll still run modern games like a dream. Please note, this deal is only available to Prime members – sign-up for free to get access to this great bargain.View Deal


Dell 32 curved gaming monitor | AU$950.38 (usually AU$999)
32 inches of curved 1440p action with this Dell monitor. Has a 165Hz refresh rate and FreeSync compatibility. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, though not as showy as its Alienware counterparts.View Deal

Samsung 27 inch curved monitor | AU$360 (usually AU$459)
A nice saving on this curved, 27 inch 1080p gaming monitor, which flaunts a huge 240Hz refresh rate.  Comes with a three year warranty, and is pretty attractive if you like your gaming gear to look low key.View Deal


Crucial P5 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD | AU$174.78 (usually AU$240.40)
If you’re in the market for new internal storage, well, how about a terabyte of PCIe SSD storage “built around 96-layer triple-level cell 3D NAND flash memory chips“? These Crucial P5 models only released a few months ago, so this is a decent discount.

Crucial MX500 1TB SATA | AU$128.50 (usually AU$170)
It may just be a SATA drive, but this MX500 scored remarkably well in our review in 2018, with a sequential read speed of 560MB a second and a write speed of 510MB a second.
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Crucial BX500 2TB SSD | AU$217.35 (usually ~AU$290)
It’s not the highest performing SSD on the market by any stretch and this is Crucial’s budget line. But if you’d prefer to use an SSD instead of a HDD for your mass storage, this deal might tip you over the edge.View Deal


Save 25 percent on Corsair gaming Keyboards
Corsair’s gaming products are the best of the breed, and Amazon’s knocked 25 percent off the price of some of its best. Type and game anywhere with the Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard, or downsize your desktop with the sleek Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Game on!

View Deal

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum | AU$219.70 (usually AU$292.93)
A nice 25 percent discount on this plush mechanical keyboard, boasting cherry MX speed switches (RGB’ed up, of course) and a sleek aluminum finish. Also features six programmable macro keys. Please note, this deal is only available to Prime members – sign-up for free to get access to this great bargain.
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Gaming mice

Save 25 percent on Corsair gaming mice
Get your hand in the game with these great gaming mice from Corsair. Game in comfort with the ergonomic Corsair Glaive PRO, or step your kill count with the Corsair M65 Elite. Plus, you can keep that gaming smooth with a Corsair mouse mat – also on sale now!

View Deal

Upgrade your gaming with HyperX peripherals
HyperX has a wide range of award-winning gaming gear, and Amazon’s offering a massive 30 percent off selected products. You can boost your audio with the HyperX Cloud Revolver S headset, or up your accuracy with the HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro RGB Gaming mouse.

View Deal


Corsair Virtuoso RGB (White) | AU$263.20 (usually AU$329)
Here’s a very stylish (and very pricey) set of gaming cans with 7.1 surround sound and a “broadcast grade” omni-directional Microphone. It boasts a frequency range of 20Hz – 30,000Hz. Please note, this deal is only available to Prime members – sign-up for free to get access to this great bargain.View Deal


Oculus Rift S | AU$568 (usually AU$649)
This is our second favourite VR headset (behind the Valve Index, which isn’t available in Australia anyway), and at this price makes the leap a bit more tempting. Features 2560×1600 resolution, a 80Hz refresh rate and a great 110 degrees field of view.View Deal


Boardgames: save up to 20% on a massive range
There are dozens of discounted boardgames in this year’s Prime Day sale, including tried-and-true titles like Monopoly and Battleship, through to new stuff like The Lord of The Rings – Journeys in Middle Earth, and even card games like Cards Against Humanity and Munchkin.View Deal

Amazon gear

Amazon eero mesh Wi-Fi router (3-pack) | AU$257 (usually AU$429)

Amazon is offering 40% off its eero mesh Wi-Fi devices for Prime Day, and this three-pack is a good deal if you want a home fully equipped with wi-fi (unless you live in a castle). If you’ve already got an eero setup and want to add additional nodes, you can buy single ones for AU$119View Deal

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen) | AU$34 (usually AU$79)

Last year’s version of the Echo Dot is available in four different fabric colours: Charcoal , Heather Grey, Plum or Sandstone. This is pretty damn cheap if you want a smart speaker, albeit one that isn’t the most recent model.

View Deal

Should I wait for Black Friday 2020 instead?

Thankfully, Amazon Prime Day 2020 won't take up the entire of October and will just be a two-day event, but will you be better off waiting for Black Friday, or will Prime Day offer better deals on the products you want?

As an exclusive Prime Members-only sale, you can expect that Amazon's own tech will be on offer with a heap of deals on Echo and Kindle hardware, but historically Prime Day has also seen a huge number of special offers on laptops too. 

There will likely be a lot of discounts on things like PC accessories and peripherals too. Amazon Australia did feature a variety of discounts across other PC goodies last year (including graphics cards, CPUs and motherboards) and with new GPUs and processors arriving at the tail end of this year, it is possible that last-gen PC components might see some price cuts.

You will need an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of any of the deals on Prime Day 2020, which isn't necessarily the case around Black Friday, but it's possible to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership with a free 30-day trial at any point, so you can wait until the day itself if desired.

We'll be keeping an eye on what's going on around Prime Day, whenever Jeff does decide to unleash the deals, so be assured that if there are any Prime Day PC deals worth shouting about, we'll be doing it here.

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