xCloud is coming to Australia in 2021 null

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Microsoft's xCloud game streaming service will launch in Australia as soon as "early 2021", Xbox head Phil Spencer has confirmed. The service, which is currently available as part of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, launched in North America, Europe and South Korea last week.

Spencer confirmed the news with YouTuber Skill Up on Twitter. In answer to queries about the Australian roll-out, Spencer replied "should be in early 2021, we are doing internal testing with our local Australia teams now."

Here's the exchange:

At this stage, Microsoft may end up the first cloud gaming service available in Australia. Google Stadia is still a no-show, with no release window confirmed, as is GeForce Now.

xCloud is only available on Android at present, due to Apple's iOS store policies being too restrictive for Microsoft's tastes. At the moment, the streaming service currently hosts over 150 games.

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