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How many Marvel's Avengers skins can we expect to see in September? Crystal Dynamics' upcoming action game will embrace the powers of the popular group of Marvel heroes, but it won't be sacrificing their killer fashion sense. It looks as though the only thing better than taking on MODOK, is doing so in style.

Whether you're most excited to smash things as Hulk, or zoom around the battlefield as Thor, picking the best outfit for the occasion is obviously of utmost importance. Plenty of costumes have already been unveiled, but there are still more in the works. Ahead of the beta, here are all the Marvel's Avengers skins revealed so far—just beware of spoilers if you want to go in completely fresh.

How Marvel's Avengers skins work

Each member of the Marvel's Avengers team has sported a variety of outfits over the years in their countless appearances in comic books, films, and television shows. We can safely expect a few fan favourites to appear in Crystal Dynamics' game, as well as a couple of original creations.

As confirmed by lead designer Philippe Therien, each outfit is a single, complete look for the heroes, so there won't be an opportunity to pair a swanky pair of boots from one costume, with the body suit of another. That said, lead combat designer Vincent Napoli outlined that  there is a little room for colour customisation in this E3 2019 interview with IGN.

From the glimpses we've had of the skins over the past year, most characters appear to have an 'Iconic' skin that closely resembles their most common outfits. There's also a theory floating around that Tony Stark created suits for the other Avengers, sparked by the screenshot shared by creative director/writer Shaun Escayg above. Each skin has a sleek, metallic finish. Even Hulk has a pair of Iron Man-esque trousers, as evidenced by this PlayStation Blog post.

If you were playing close attention to the trailers released so far, you may have noticed Iron Man's 'Starboost' skin. Judging by how Tony Stark is sporting it towards the end of the A-Day E3 2019 trailer it looks as though these variants will be primarily white with gold accents.

Courtesy of the gallery published in this IGN article, here are all the Marvel's Avengers skins revealed so far:

Black Widow

  • Lethal
  • Tactical
  • Twilight
  • Iconic


  • Unhinged
  • Broken
  • Joe Fixit
  • Iconic

Iron Man

  • Original Sin
  • Starboost
  • Stark Tech
  • Iconic


  • Frost Walker
  • War Cry 
  • Samaritan 
  • Iconic

Kamala Khan

  • Super Fan
  • Jersey Girl
  • Stark Tech
  • Iconic

Fewer Captain America skins have been spotted as the A-Day trailer suggests that he dies at some point in the game. There's no stopping an Avenger though, and Cap is said to return to complete the squad later on. Alongside an expected Iconic skin, gameplay captured by YouTuber JorRaptor briefly shows Captain America wearing Scale Mail/Armor. Here's hoping we can take a closer look at each hero's outfits in the upcoming betas.

(Image credit: Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics)

Marvel's Avengers leaked skins

If you've been keeping up with the news, you'll know that Spider-Man will be swinging into Marvel's Avengers exclusively on PlayStation, alongside some cosmetic goodies. While this is disappointing for PC players, it appears as though this may not be the last of Crystal Dynamics' exclusivity deals.

Redditor u/smoove4254 recently posted a collection of screenshots and banners of alleged leaked skins that suggest that Verizon, Virgin Media, and Intel customers will be able to get their hands on their own exclusive skins. VGC has also reported that in the US, players will be able to claim an emote from special packs of 5 Gum.

Marvel's Avengers preorder skins

Preordering usually promises a few perks and locking in your copy of Marvel's Avengers is no exception. In addition to gaining access to the exclusive preorder beta on August 14, you can bag yourself a couple of special outfit packs, nameplates, and physical goodies. These freebies vary depending on which edition of the game you buy. Here are all the Marvel's Avengers preorder skins that are up for grabs:

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Standard Edition Legacy outfit pack

  • Black Widow: Classic Stealth
  • Captain America: Front Line
  • Hulk: Breakthrough
  • Iron Man: Iron Will
  • Ms. Marvel: Greater Good
  • Thor: Asgard’s Might

(Image credit: Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics)

Deluxe and Earth's Mightiest Editions Obsidian outfit pack

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