Geralt looks much cooler when he’s wielding a Minecraft sword null

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Mods are great for a lot of things, but they're especially good at niche dream fulfilment. Case in point: what if Geralt of Rivera could roam the Continent with the blue-hued diamond sword from Minecraft? Well, you can stop fantasizing because a new mod lets you do that.

it's the work of modder milckywayy, and it does exactly the above and not a single thing else. If you've ever wanted to smite necrophages with a good 'ol blocky sword, now's your time to shine.

Here are some more images, courtesy of the modder:

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red | Modder: milckywayy)

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red | Modder: milckywayy)

If you too would like to slay beasts using Steve's favourite blade, it's a pretty easy install. The instructions are over here, and if you want to see the mod in action, there's a video embedded below.

It may not be among the best Witcher 3 mods, but it's a niche filled. 

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